ACES Museum Honoring Veterans: Site Profile

Incorporated in 2000, the ACES Museum  for Black and Minority Veterans of WWII, honoring ALL Veterans, is a 501 c 3 non-profit and VSO, Veterans Service Organization. ACES houses an affiliate of the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS).

The name “ACES” is derived from the calling  of Blacks “Spades” of the 1940s. A child's statement: "If you had to be a Spade, I know you were the ACE!  The organization houses the culturally diverse ACES Museum of WWII Exhibit at the site of the restored Parker Hall, which was a functional United Service Organization (USO) for African-American WWII soldiers and their families. The first program in 2001, honored Manual Lorenzo, the First Hispanic Commandant" of WWII.

Since its inception, the organization has evolved from being  museum to becoming a Veterans’ support facility, and a community education and development center.  

 The ACES motto : Respect the Past and Nurture the Future. ACES Museum provides MORALE building for Veterans and their Families, while giving events and assistance for the community.  ACES seeks to preserve the contributions of all United States’ Veterans. ACES was started by WW II, Korean, Vietnam, and other Veterans and  their families.  

ACES  provides services to Veterans in need as a VSO. One of the request is for PTSD information. Nearly twenty percent of Veterans who return home from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and there is a lifetime prevalence of PTSD at about eight percent in the United States’ population.  ACES Museum promotes PTSD education with workshops.

ACES sponsors the EEP, Educational Enhancement Program (c) THEM and STEM, a literary, historical and scientific college-prep readiness program, and Reading Rangers,  job development and promotion. EEP had 85% success in the Philadelphia juvenile jail.

ACES is a historic building  in Historic Germantown, Philadelphia. The ACES Museum is open to all, with special events including: Valentines Day of Love for Veterans, Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Day of Honor Memorial Day weekend, Patriots Day 911,  Veterans Day  and a Toy Give Away Holiday Programs. ACES co-sponsors a community food bank, most Thursdays, with the Veterans Action Group, and Hankins and Associates LLC.  

ACES seeks to expand it's programing with ACES Museum online.  ACES will have live streaming of our events, the Virtual Wall of Honor will allow the public to meet the ACES Veterans.