Programs include:  PTSD education with workshops, the EEP, Educational Enhancement Program (c) THEM and STEM, a literary, historical and scientific college-prep readiness program, and Reading Rangers,  job development and promotion. EEP had a 85% success in the Philadelphia juvenile jail, and is a participant in the PAL Police Athletic League.

ACES co-sponsors a community food bank, most Thursdays, with the Veterans Action Group, and Hankins and Associates LLC.   

ACES seeks to expand it's programming with ACES Museum online.  ACES will have live streaming of our events, and the Virtual Wall of Honor will allow the public to meet the ACES Veterans.


ACES Museum is housed in Historic Germantown, Philadelphia. The ACES Museum is open to all, with special events including: Valentines Day of Love for Veterans, Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Day of Honor Memorial Day weekend, Patriots Day 911,  Veterans Day  and Toy Give Away Holiday Programs.

Currently we seek donations for programming and capital improvement.

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Aces Museum is a 501(c)3, VSO organization

Veterans Services

Nature future, honor the past

To preserve Parker Hall a functioning USO for Black Veterans and their Families as certified by Germantown Historical Society.

To promote multicultural history of Blacks and Minorities of WWII and their Families.
To provide positive role models to offset negative stereotypes.
Encourage Creativity and educational skills.
To Preserve the Vietnam Memorial Plaque.
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